All articles submitted to AJODL will undergo a preliminary screening to ensure that the articles contain most of the sub-sections to enable a good review. Articles that meet the pre-screening requirement will be sent to two different reviewers. The layout editor will remove the name of the authors before sending the articles to the appointed reviewers. Editor–in-Chief is responsible to appoint two reviewers for each article. The Editor–in-Chief must ensure that the reviewers chosen do not have the same country of origin with the authors, and that the appointment of the reviewers is appropriate and fair. Reviewers other than the members of the Editorial Board can be appointed at the discretion of the Editor–in-Chief.

The reviewers upon accepting their appointment must submit their reports as per the template given. The roles and responsibilities of reviewers are stated among other roles and responsibilities.

The submitted reports are compiled and their names will be removed from the report before it is forwarded to the authors.