VOLUME 15, NO. 2, 2023


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Volume 14, no. 2, 2022

Asean Journal of Open and Distance Learning

VOLUME 14, NO. 2, 2022


Page Title Writer(s)
01-08 21st Century Literacy Skills Among Open Distance Learners 1) Raziana Che Aziz
2) Chiam Chooi Chea
3) Zulaihan Ismail
09-20 Secondary School Students’ Counselling Needs: What Components Are Important? 1) Mohd Azli Jailani
2) Nuzha Mohd Taha
3) Sofia Elias
21-29 Coping Responses of Emergency Remote Teaching During a Pandemic: Lessons from Lecturers in Malaysia Josephine Chan Ie Lyn
30-41 Sustainable Development Goals and Sustainability Teaching at Distance Learning: Thailand's COVID-19 Education Crisis 1) Kultida Bunjongsiri
2) Anunya Pradidthaprecha
42-53 Effectiveness of Online Colloquia in Improving the Research Dissemination Skills of Graduate Students 1) Gerry S. Digo
2) Jonalou S. Labor
54-66 Industrial Technology Students’ Beliefs on the Impact of Parental Guidance and Support to Their Online Learning in the University Romel M. Aceron
67-78 Comparative Study of Student Performance in Traditional and Online Assessments 1) Norfardilawati Musa
2) Tuan Fatma Tuan Sulaiman
3) Raziana Che Aziz
4) Rosnida Abu Bakar
5) Nor Aisyah Fadil
79-90 Zooming in on Zoom Fatigue: A Baseline Study Among Blended Online Learners and Teachers in Basic Education Christy Banguanga
91-104 Academic Performance of Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning Students in Open and Distance Learning 1) Norfardilawati Musa
2) Christina Mary Richard
3) Harvinder Kaur Dharam Singh
4) Cik Norazlina Mohamad
5) Rosinah Mahmood
104-116 PMMA Examinees' Perceptions: Basis for Improved Implementation of the Online Entrance Examinations in a Maritime Education Setting 1) Victoria Q. Paraggua
2) Froilan D. Mobo
3) Ronalyn C. Acuavera
4) Leah R. Villavicencio
5) Geraldine C. Pasa
6) Sheena Lee A. Guiang

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VOLUME 15, NO. 2, 2023


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