Volume 11, No. 2, 2019

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Dr Widad Othman

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Volume 11, no. 2, 2019

Asean Journal of Open and Distance Learning

VOLUME 11, NO. 2, 2019
Page Title Writer(s)
1-9 Role of Attitude as a Mediator in the Relationship between Entrepreneurial Education and Intention to Become an Online Entrepreneur among Online Distance Learning Students in Malaysia 1) Zahir Osman
2) Ratna Khuzaimah Mohamad
3) Zulhairi Zakariah
4) Liana Mohamad
10-23 Mediating Effect of APEL on Competency and Enrolment in ODL Using Structural Equation Modelling Mohamad Afzhan Khan Mohamad Khalil
24-31 Computer-Based Examination Management for Subjects with Essay Test Items 1) Sajee Jiraro
2) Supamas Aungsuchoti
32-41 Emotional Intelligence as a Predictor of Academic Achievement of Open and Distance Learning Students 1) Ayesha Khan
2) Hamid Ali Nadeem
42-52 Identifying Factors Affecting Choice of Counseling Theory among Counsellors in Malaysia 1) Hazrul Hizam Karim
2) Fatimah Yusooff
53-62 Indirect Relationship between Leadership Style, Organisational Commitment and Academic Employee Performance in Malaysian Online Distance Learning Institutions 1) Zahir Osman
2) Loo Sin Chun
3) Raemah Abdullah Hashim
4) Norsiah Aminudin
63-70 Peer Assessment in Online Learning: Perspectives of Teacher and Students in an Online Graduate Course 1) Jean A. Saludadez
2) Kunchon Jeotee
3) Dona Lyn M. Piamonte
71-77 The Development of Instructional Multimedia Using Whiteboard Animation Techniques to Improve Students’ Ability in Developing Class Action Research 1) Aini Indriasih
2) Edi Prayitno
3) Yuli Haryati
4) Hartutik
78-88 Integrating Children with Disabilities in Mainstream Education: An Exploratory Study of the Challenges in Ghana 1) Mustapha Danquah
2) Tabiri Francis

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VOLUME 11, No. 2, 2019


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