VOLUME 15, NO. 2, 2023


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Volume 15, no. 1, 2023

Asean Journal of Open and Distance Learning

VOLUME 15, NO. 1, 2023


Page Title Writer(s)
01-13 Using the Presage Variable in the Biggs’ 3P Model to Evaluate a Massive Open Online Course in the Philippines 1) Mari Anjeli Crisanto
2) Ma. Gian Rose Cerdeña
14-24 Effectiveness and Impact of Online Capacity-Building on Action Research Gerry S. Digo
25-39 Provision of Higher Education through the Open and Distance Learning Mode in Tanzania: Students’ Perceptions Elisante Mutoka
40-53 An Adaptive Learning Scheme Towards a Flexible Learning Management System 1) Jordan M. Cabaguing
2) Teresita Villa G. Lacaba
3) Cecilia G. Lagramada
54-72 Breaking the Cycle: A Qualitative Case Study of Social Influences on a B40 Adult Learner's Dropout from a Leadership Programme 1) May-Ann Chew
2) Md Rosli Ismail
73-87 Teachers Challenges and Practices in Handling Multigrade Classes: A Systematic Review 1) Lumen Cristy Booc Recla
2) Joel Dalmao Potane
88-100 Stakeholder’s Satisfaction in Response, and Accomplishments of Pangasinan State University, Lingayen Campus during the COVID-19 Pandemic Randy Joy M. Ventayen
101-110 The Readiness of Distance Learning Students for Digital Higher Education: A Case Study of the Open University in Thailand 1) Sudaw Lertwisuttipaiboon
2) Apiradee Sriopas
3) Warangkana Chankong
4) Sirirat Suwanidcharoen
5) Goontalee Bangkadanara
111-123 Course Performance and Retention in a Massive Open Online Course: A Case Study at Universiti Teknologi MARA Nurul Hidayana Mohd Noor
124-135 Analytical View on Online Learning Among Malaysian Secondary Students 1) Peter Ong
2) Eng Tek Ong
3) Md Jais Ismail
4) Fauzila Abdul Latif

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VOLUME 15, NO. 2, 2023


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